Attention Poultry Projects: A note from the State Vet regarding Pullorum testing

1 By coordinator | June 18, 2019

From Dr. Tony M. Forshey (State Veterinarian):

“Due to the fact there is no S. pullorum antigen available for testing, Ohio is waiving the S. pullorum testing requirement for the 2019 fair season. The exception to this waiver is out-of-state poultry that do not have a VS form 9-3. The VS form 9-3 signifies that the poultry are from a NPIP flock that is free of S. pullorum. Ohio is currently S. pullorum free.”

What this means to our new Poultry families:  The turkeys purchased from a hatchery still need to come from NPIP approved hatcheries and the broilers will be taken care of by the Poultry Committee.  Please bring the NPIP papers that you received with your turkey purchases.


If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to the Poultry committee or Poultry Superintendent – Liz Evans.